Successful commissioning of 27 MWp solar plant

We are thrilled to announce that our 27 MWp solar plant is now fully operational, actively contributing to the generation of green energy.

This significant milestone was achieved thanks to the exemplary work of our EPC team, who demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication throughout the project. To illustrate the scale of this investment, here are some key figures: the installation involved over 50,000 solar modules, the construction of 4 transformer stations, and the utilization of approximately 200 km of DC cable. A notable feature of this solar park is the incorporation of tracking systems, which significantly enhance energy production.

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12 Feb 2024
Can renewable energy plants be energized quickly?

The demand for energy from renewable sources is constantly increasing. This has led to a significant expansion in the share of RES within the Polish electrical system in recent years. However, this rapid development has highlighted challenges associated with outdated grid infrastructure and complex connection procedures. But time is money, so how can we achieve the swift energization of PV power plants? Nomad Electric has a method to accomplish this.

29 Jan 2024
EPC PV plant for Vortex Energy / Vitol

Nomad Electric is responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) delivery of the 57 MWp solar portfolio for Vortex Energy Polska which is a part of Vitol capital group.

17 Jan 2024
Nomad Electric is implementing the first EPC PV projects in Portugal

Nomad Electric has initiated its first contract on the Iberian Peninsula, undertaking the construction of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) utility-scale solar plants in Portugal with a total capacity of 45 MWp. These installations are currently being constructed in the Pinhal, Santarém, Marmeleiro, and Alentejo regions.

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