SCADA system for monitoring and management of PV and wind power plants

What is SCADA System?

A SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a technological solution designed for remote supervision and control over mainly industrial and energy processes. In the latter case, SCADA systems play a crucial role by enabling efficient monitoring of renewable energy (RES) plants‘ performance, managing inverter operations, and optimizing energy production. Nomad NX SCADA system is designed for PV farms or wind farms.


How does our SCADA operate in practice?

systemów scadaThe Nomad NX SCADA system consists of a control cabinet installed on-site, and software with a comprehensive analysis module that enables comprehensive remote control and real-time monitoring of the portfolio of generation sources. The system operates based on several key elements. First, controllers collect data from various sensors, such as those found on a PV farm or wind farm.

This data may include information on energy production, inverter status, sunlight levels, and even module temperatures. The raw data is then transmitted to data servers where it is stored and processed. Ultimately, the monitoring centre allows the operator to visualise the data and manage the plant in real time, enabling a quick response to changing conditions and optimising the operation of the PV or wind power plant.



What specific tasks and functions does the NOMAD NX SCADA system perform on renewable energy plants?

The NOMAD NX SCADA system is a proprietary control system developed by the Nomad Electric team of automation specialists and O&M experts. It is dedicated exclusively to monitoring, controlling and managing production sources in the renewable energy sector. Its primary function is to provide continuous monitoring of energy production. This is essential for the operation of any renewable energy farm. The system uses advanced algorithms to analyze data, identify abnormalities, predict potential outages and automatically adjust equipment operating parameters to optimise energy production. The SCADA system plays a crucial role in alarm management. NOMAD NX automatically detects and identifies areas requiring intervention and alerts operators in the technologically advanced monitoring centre. To minimise downtime, the system can also suggest corrective actions to be carried out remotely or on-site by a service engineer. The system also allows remote control and automation of processes such as managing inverter operation, adjusting device operating parameters or optimising energy production based on current needs and conditions.

What benefits does such a system offer investors?

systemy scada

The benefits are numerous. They include maximising energy production efficiency, minimising downtime and optimising O&M costs, which translates into better profitability of renewable energy installations. In addition, the system is designed to meet the needs of customers in all segments, from micro-installations to large-scale power plants.

NOMAD NX optimises electricity trading, including integrating with energy markets, protecting against negative prices and forecasting generation. Implementing the system requires advanced software, as well as expert knowledge and experience. Therefore, we offer comprehensive support at every stage, from needs analysis to technical support. A holistic approach ensures that our solutions are not only technologically advanced but also tailored to investors’ needs.



What unique features does Nomad NX possess that distinguish it from other SCADA systems?

zaawansowane oprogramowanie scadaSCADA NOMAD NX stands out for its advanced analytics and the capability for comprehensive remote control and monitoring of power plants in real time. NOMAD NX enables the management of multiple production sources simultaneously, including photovoltaics and wind farms, through hybridization. The system also offers a personalised user interface and can be integrated with investor systems for flexibility. It ensures a high level of operational security, protecting installations against unauthorized access and cyber-attacks, which is crucial in today’s world.


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