Nomad Electric is pursuing an international expansion strategy

Utility-scale RES plants we build or manage contribute to the growth of green energy in the global energy mix. Furthermore, our Nomad NX SCADA software, developed for monitoring, supervision and management of generation sources, enhances their efficiency and security of energy production. Our portfolio includes renewable energy power plants located in numerous European Union countries.

Countries in which we operate:

Obszar roboczy Nomad Electric POLAND

Headquarter in Warsaw

Monitoring center in Łódź

  • 1,8+ GWp O&M
  • 550+ MWp EPC
  • 1,5+ GWp SCADA Nomad NX

Obszar roboczy Nomad Electric PORTUGAL

Office in Lisbon

  • 69 MWp EPC
  • 96 MWp O&M
  • 69 MWp SCADA Nomad NX

Obszar roboczy Nomad Electric ROMANIA

Office in Bucharest

  • 12 MWp EPC

Picture2 2 Nomad Electric GERMANY

Office in Berlin

Picture2 Nomad Electric SPAIN

Office in Madrid

Development plans:

  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia


Headquarters in Warsaw
Monitoring center in Łódź

  • 1,7+ GWp O&M
  • 450+ MWp EPC
  • 1,5 + GWp SCADA Nomad NX


Office in Lisbon

  • 72 MWp EPC
  • 99 MWp O&M
  • 72 MWp SCADA Nomad NX


Office in Bucharest


Office in Madrid

mapa mobile 2.3 Nomad Electric

Countries in which we operate

Development plans

Selected projects – EPC, O&M and SCADA Nomad NX

We build utility-scale photovoltaic farms and manage them to maintain high levels of energy production.

Nomad Electric

Substation construction

50 MWp utility-scale PV power plant

Nomad Electric

EPC - 50 MWp solar plant

based on trackers

Nomad Electric

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