Nomad Electric with projects in Portugal

Nomad Electric has opened a branch office in Lisbon and will provide SCADA-class IT solutions for its first portfolio of photovoltaic projects with a total capacity in excess of 70 MWp. The Portugal office is the Company’s second foreign branch after Romania. Nomad Electric has plans for further international expansion in 2023.

In Poland, Nomad Electric is a leading provider of construction (EPC) and maintenance services (O&M) for large-scale photovoltaic installations. The company has opened its Lisbon branch and will soon start work on its first contract in Portugal involving projects with a total capacity of more than 70 MWp located in six different districts: Évora, Santarém, Castelo Branco, Leiria, Coimbra and Aveiro.

The power plants for which Nomad Electric is to implement the project are expected to generate a total of approximately 120 GWh of electricity per year. The company will provide the power plant control systems, SCADA with its proprietary ‘Nomad NX’ software and ensure system compatibility with the electricity transmission system operator REN and the distribution network operator E-REDES. In the next step, the company plans to start providing maintenance services (O&M).

– The correct configuration of the control system in cooperation with the distribution network operator is a critical element in the construction and commissioning of any photovoltaic farm. We provide a complete solution – both hardware and software – that allows collaboration with E-Redes IT systems. Another key issue is to ensure that electricity production is maximized, in particular, in farms with tracking systems (trackers). As part of the project, we will also provide a solution in this regard.” – explained José Andrade, Service Manager of Nomad Electric in Portugal.

– The current geopolitical situation has had a significant impact on accelerating the energy transition process and the development of renewable energy sources in particular. This is no different in Portugal, where the government plans to increase the share of RES in the country’s energy mix from 20 to 80 per cent by 2026, four years earlier than originally planned. In terms of Portuguese photovoltaic capacity, this is set to increase from the current 2 GWp to 9 GWp in 2030. For us, experts in the field of photovoltaic power plant O&M, this means huge growth opportunities in this market. – added Paweł Muszyński, Business Development Director of Nomad Electric.

Nomad Electric is the leader in maintenance service and IT support for photovoltaic farms in Poland. By the end of this year, Nomad Electric plans to increase the scale of its operations to over 1 GWp and to start servicing the first farms in foreign markets.

The company has a state-of-the-art Monitoring Centre, is a provider of IT solutions for the large photovoltaic segment and also applies other advanced technologies for the precise examination of modules, i.e. thermal imaging inspections using drones equipped with high-resolution and thermally sensitive cameras or electroluminescence imaging.

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