Nomad Electric is expanding its horizons into the world of wind farms

We’re moving into EPC, O&M and SCADA services for wind energy projects. Our journey into this territory is built on a strong foundation of experience. We’ve honed our skills by providing O&M services for PV installations.

We already have high-voltage substations and associated infrastructure under management and will have two more in our hands by the end of the year. We’ve also developed our own SCADA-class software system, Nomad NX, specifically tailored to the needs of O&M. But it’s not just about technology; it’s about the people. We’ve built a highly skilled team strategically located across Poland to ensure first-class service and support.

The energy landscape in Poland is evolving. On 1 October, an amendment to the Renewable Energy Act came into force, transposing another part of the RED II directive on support for renewable energy into Polish law introducing rules on cable pooling. Currently, the biggest obstacle to the development of renewable energy in the country is the lack of grid capacity for renewable energy investments. New regulations represent a significant step forward. We now have the possibility of farm hybridization, where several renewable energy installations can share a single connection node, particularly the combination of a PV plant with a wind farm. These two sources, working in tandem, complement each other and increase the total amount of energy output fed into the grid. The hybridization of farms not only optimizes the management of the grid but also reduces the connection costs for investors. Currently, in Poland there are 9 GWp of wind and 4 GWp of utility-scale solar power plants. This represents substantial potential, and we are committed to harnessing it.

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12 Feb 2024
Can renewable energy plants be energized quickly?

The demand for energy from renewable sources is constantly increasing. This has led to a significant expansion in the share of RES within the Polish electrical system in recent years. However, this rapid development has highlighted challenges associated with outdated grid infrastructure and complex connection procedures. But time is money, so how can we achieve the swift energization of PV power plants? Nomad Electric has a method to accomplish this.

29 Jan 2024
EPC PV plant for Vortex Energy / Vitol

Nomad Electric is responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) delivery of the 57 MWp solar portfolio for Vortex Energy Polska which is a part of Vitol capital group.

17 Jan 2024
Nomad Electric is implementing the first EPC PV projects in Portugal

Nomad Electric has initiated its first contract on the Iberian Peninsula, undertaking the construction of EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) utility-scale solar plants in Portugal with a total capacity of 45 MWp. These installations are currently being constructed in the Pinhal, Santarém, Marmeleiro, and Alentejo regions.

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